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        The quality system of the shiyan kwai electromechanical equipment co., LTD

        The quality policy of our company is: focus on quality and pursue excellence!


        Our company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, and according to the system operation. In the whole design, manufacturing and installation process, our company has been working on the idea of "product as a person", which keeps the company's product quality continuously improving.


        1. Main quality control points


        Our company will organize and cooperate with the relevant units to check the quality of the key stage and use it as the main quality control point.


        2. Strict implementation of the company's quality assurance manual


        To formulate the scientific construction plan and strictly implement the construction technical documents, quality management standards, specifications and process measures, and make the technical disclosure and construction preparation work carefully.


        Strictly operate personnel to carry on the post, organize the training assessment of each work, improve the technical level and quality consciousness of the construction personnel, enhance their own quality.


        According to the quality system operation, strengthen the quality responsibility system, the project manager responsible for the quality, any engineering problem put forward by various professional and technical personnel processing, the project manager for approval, is a design quality problem must obtain a technical personnel the manufactruer's approval, can handle the design unit, and opinions issued by the design unit processing schemes.


        3. Strictly implement quality control procedures


        From raw materials and purchasing parts, parts manufacturing, parts assembly and commissioning are in effective monitoring status.


        The construction process should be performed self-inspection, mutual inspection, handover inspection and ZhuanJian system, key process, focusing on control, found the problem, and timely correcting, shall not be left hidden trouble, the working procedure is unqualified shall not be transferred to construction of next working procedure.


        The equipment and materials shall be built according to the performance requirements, respectively. The system shall be strictly implemented and the quality of parts, fittings and raw materials shall be strictly controlled. The procedures for change and substitution must be dealt with.


        The installation and adjustment of equipment, piping and electrical equipment shall be carried out in strict accordance with the construction specifications, technical standards and design requirements, and detailed installation and inspection records shall be provided for the quality assessment materials of the project.


        The full-time staff shall be responsible for organizing and collecting the technical data of the construction, and shall be subject to the master's master.


        4. Quality of production


        When the materials are in the factory, the project team will be required by the drawings of the project team. The requirements of the purchase plan should be checked with party a to ensure that all parts of the equipment are strictly according to the drawing materials. During the process of production, the "three inspection system" is strictly implemented to check and review regularly, supervise the inspection and ensure the quality of products.


        5. Quality of purchased parts


        For the construction of the construction parts, various raw materials enter the material department to provide the qualification certificate, and organize the personnel to carry out the physical acceptance. Eliminate nonconforming products for engineering.


        When the external purchase is in the factory, the project team and party a jointly check the inspection.


        6. Site installation quality


        Assigned engineering technical personnel with rich on-site experience as a project engineer, assist the project manager, and is responsible for the site for the whole project coordination, deal with design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and trial production process of all kinds of specific issues.


        Installation is finished, in front of the whole machine commissioning of commissioning, according to the design requirements, with armor after approval of qualified certificate issued by party b, and provide the product inspection records, material certificate and complete equipment completion figure, the instruction for use of each equipment to ensure the integrity of the engineering quality, accuracy, and traceability.


        7. Basis of evaluation of engineering quality


        Construction drawings, design documents, design change notice, and confirmation of the project contact list.


        Technical standards and requirements in product drawings and product specifications provided by the manufacturer.


        The relevant technical standards, technological requirements and the relevant minutes and minutes confirmed by both parties shall be agreed upon by the construction unit and the construction unit.

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